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Age: 2

Sex: Male

Indication: Pneumonia, assess pleural effusions

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Case #18


  • Moderate to large bilateral pleural effusions without internal complexity
  • Consolidated, liver-like appearance of both lungs with multiple air bronchograms


Pneumonia with parapneumonic effusions

Sample Report

Bilateral airspace consolidation with air bronchograms, consistent with pneumonia. Adjacent moderate to large, simple appearing parapneumonic effusions.


  • This patient has bilateral parapneumonic pleural effusions, which appear simple meaning that they do not have internal septations or complex material
  • The imaged lungs have an abnormal appearance with a “liver-like” echotexture and multiple air bronchograms, consistent with airspace consolidation in the setting of pneumonia


Airspace consolidation in the right lung evidenced by a liver-like appearance (note how the lung - red arrows - has a similar echotexture to the liver - blue arrows) and multiple echogenic air bronchograms (yellow arrows). The adjacent pleural fluid appears simple, likely representing a parapneumonic effusion.

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