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Age: 43

Sex: Male

Indication: Fall

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Case #25


  • Osteochondral lesion in the capitellum measuring 12 x 8 mm
  • Otherwise no acute fracture
  • Elbow joint effusion


  • Osteochondral lesion (OCL)

Sample Report

Osteochondral lesion in the capitellum measuring 12 x 8 mm. No displaced osseous fragment or loose joint body identified. Consider MRI for further assessment.

Elbow joint effusion is present. Although no acute fracture is identified, this raises the possibility of an occult nondisplaced (e.g. radial head) fracture.

No joint malalignment.

Joint spaces are maintained.


  • The capitellum is the most common location for osteochondral lesions in the elbow
  • Osteochondral lesions are a common donor site for joint bodies in adolescents and young adults, so make sure to look closely for migrated fragments
  • MRI is often the next step to evaluate for instability if the patient is being considered for surgery


Red arrows: osteochondral lesion in the capitellum.

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