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Age: 11

Sex: Female

Indication: Sickle cell disease, left upper quadrant pain

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Case #9


  • Nonobstructive bowel gas pattern with a moderate stool burden
  • No abnormal calcification
  • Enlarged spleen, measuring 14 cm in craniocaudal span


  • Splenomegaly

Sample Report

Nonobstructive bowel gas pattern with a moderate stool burden.

No abnormal calcification.



  • The spleen has a complicated course in sickle cell disease and typically succumbs to autoinfarction by age 5
  • Splenic sequestration syndrome occurs in about one-fourth of children with sickle cell disease, most commonly between the ages of 6 months and 3 years (this is a rare case of mild sequestration syndrome in an 11 year old). Though this syndrome can be self-limited when mild, it can rapidly progress to cardiovascular compromise and death in more severe cases

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