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Age: 1

Sex: Male

Indication: Abdominal pain

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Case #1


  • Masslike soft tissue density overlying the right upper quadrant
  • Nonobstructive bowel gas pattern
  • No pneumoperitoneum
  • No evidence of acute cardiopulmonary disease


  • Intussusception

Sample Report

Masslike soft tissue density overlying the right upper quadrant, which though nonspecific raises concern for intussusception. Recommend ultrasound for further evaluation.


  • Radiographic signs of intussusception include:
    • Soft tissue mass in the right hemiabdomen, which can have a targetoid appearance
    • Distal small bowel obstruction
    • Crescent of gas outlining the intussusceptum in the proximal colon
  • While many of the radiographic findings of intussusception are nonspecific, it is important to alert the clinician to the possibility of intussusception when there is evidence of distal small bowel obstruction and/or a mass-like soft tissue density in the right hemiabdomen


Longitudinal view of an ileocolic intussusception in this patient (red arrows).

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