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Fine tune your search pattern and build confidence with 600+ cases covering "must know" diagnoses on cross-sectional imaging.

Learn Efficiently

Cases are carefully selected and include example reports, focused discussion, and annotated images.

Interactive Cases

Cases are interactive, just like cases on a work PACS. You can scroll, pan, window, zoom and view cases full-screen.

Cross-Sectional Courses

Neuro CT

250 cases covering traumatic and non-traumatic brain, head and neck, and spine CT
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Neuro MRI

146 MRI cases covering must-know brain & spine pathology seen on call
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Body CT

127 cases covering traumatic and non-traumatic upper and lower abdominal pain
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Chest CT

84 cases covering traumatic and nontraumatic must-know diagnoses
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75 cases covering OB/GYN, GI/GU, and more
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What do CaseStacks Subscriptions Include?

The individual PRO subscription plans are timed subscriptions (either 3, 6, or 12 months) which provide access to different CaseStacks courses and cases.  All cases include detailed findings, sample case reports, and focused discussions.  Most of the cases also include annotated images or illustrations.  Please refer to our pricing page for additional details on our plans.

The institution subscriptions are timed subscriptions that grant access to multiple users at a program.

  • Our residency program plan includes access to all eight courses, five assessments (optionally), and added features that are described on the here.
  • Our medical school plan is highly discounted and includes access to cases suitable for medical student level learning.  
What Browsers are Supported?
As a general note, CaseStacks works best (and loads the fastest) on Google Chrome.

 Google Chrome 61 and higher
 Firefox 55 and higher
 Microsoft Edge 79 and higher
 Microsoft Internet Explorer Not Supported
 Safari 10.1 and higher
Are Cases Viewable on Desktops/Laptops and Mobile Devices?
Cases are viewable on desktops and laptops (using the supported browsers above). While cases are scrollable using a laptop trackpad, using an external mouse improves the experience.

Cases can be viewed on mobile devices; however, for regular day-to-day use we recommend using a desktop or laptop given many of the cases include very large files and the overall experience is better and more tested on desktops/laptops. We recommend using WIFI (not cellular), but if you are using the site on a cellular network please note that standard data fees may apply.


How Can I Purchase a Subscription?

If you're interested in an individual subscription, you can purchase a timed subscription on the pricing page and continue with the checkout process using a credit card.

If you are a program director interested in an institution subscription, you can request a quote or a demo.

Do you Offer Subscriptions for Institutions?

Yes, we offer an institutional subscription for residencies and medical schools.  Our residency program plan includes access to all eight courses, five assessments (optionally), and added features that are described on the here.  Our medical school plan is highly discounted and includes access to select cases suitable for medical student level learning.

Do You Have a Free Trial Version?

Yes, our free plan provides access to a few cases in every lesson so you can try the site out before committing.  No credit card is required.  Free cases are marked with a "<i class="fas fa-check"></i> Free" label on the lesson pages.

What is Your Refund Policy

We offer a risk free 3-day refund policy for our 3, 6, and 12 month individual subscriptions.  Feel free to try out our product and if you don't like it please contact us within the first 3 days of the purchase.  In addition, we offer a free trial (see above question) of our site so you can try CaseStacks out before committing.


I Forgot my Password, Can I Reset my Password?

Yes, you can reset your password here.

How Does the CaseStacks Affiliate Program Work?

All active subscribers have access to our affiliate program, allowing you to earn credit for every referral that signs up for a paid subscription on CaseStacks.  Payouts are made through PayPal.

You can find the full Affiliate Program FAQ here.

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