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Age: 70

Sex: Female

Indication: Vision Changes

Optic Disc Drusen

Mimicking a Mass or Foreign Body

Findings Relating to the Mimic

  • No foreign body.  Punctate calcification at the junction of the optic nerve and globe bilaterally, compatible with optic disc drusen.


  • Optic disc drusen are calcified hyaline material.
  • Most commonly occur at the optic disc (i.e. the point of entry of the optic nerve at the retina), but can occur anywhere along the retina.
  • Typically punctate in size.
  • Usually easy to differentiate from an orbital mass or foreign body given characteristic location at the optic disc and absence of an associated mass.
  • Typically occur in older patients with age-related macular degeneration, but can occur in younger patients.
  • They can be a mimic for papilledema on fundoscopic exam (“pseudopapilledema”).


Typical appearence of calcified drusen at the optic disc (red arrow).

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