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Age: Female

Sex: 57

Indication: Nasopharyngeal mass

Tornwaldt Cyst

Mimicking Malignancy

Findings Relating to the Mimic

  • Well-circumscribed , nonenhancing cystic lesion along the midline posterior nasopharynx anterior to the longus colli musculature, compatible with a benign tornwaldt cyst.


  • Tornwaldt cysts are frequently seen as an incidental finding and are benign/developmental in etiology.
  • They are characteristically cystic, rounded/oval, well-circumscribed, and located in the nasopharynx immediately deep to the mucosa, midline, and anterior to the longus colli muscles.
  • Usually can be differentiated from malignancy given their characteristic appearance and location.
  • Rarely they can become infected, cause nasal obstruction, or Eustachian dysfunction.

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