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Age: 1

Sex: Male

Indication: Fall

  • Wormian bones

Findings Relating to the Mimic

  • Study mildly limited by patient motion without evidence of acute intracranial abnormality
  • Incidental note made of multiple intrasutural (wormian) bones within the lambdoid and posterior sagittal sutures


  • The term wormian bone is technically reserved for intrasutural bones in the area of the lambda
  • Mention them only to point out to referring doctors that these are NOT fractures, for which they are often mistaken
  • Although wormian bones can have an association with a number of different disorders (predominantly skeletal dysplasias), consider them a normal variant unless you see more than 10-20


3D rendering showing multiple intrasutural bones (wormian bones) centered about the lambda.

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