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Age: 2 months

Sex: Male

Indication: Fever, drooling

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Case #46


  • Retropharyngeal/prevertebral soft tissue thickening, though the lateral view is obtained in flexion
  • No ballooning of the hypopharynx or evidence of subglottic tracheal narrowing
  • Epiglottis is not well evaluated


  • Retropharyngeal edema versus normal

Sample Report

Retropharyngeal/prevertebral soft tissue thickening, which could be artifactual related to imaging in flexion. Recommend repeat lateral radiograph with neck in extension or CT for further evaluation depending on the level of clinical suspicion.

Limited evaluation of the epiglottis.


  • Followup imaging was normal in this patient
  • A rough (but easy to remember) rule-of-thumb for retropharyngeal soft tissues is that they should be no greater than 7 mm in thickness at C2 and no greater than 2 cm in thickness at C7 (7 at 2 and 2 at 7)

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