Affiliate Program FAQ

Who can join the affiliate program?

Active subscribers have access to our affiliate program.

What is the referral reward?

For every purchase through your referral link you will receive a cash reward equal to 10% of the purchase.
Institution subscriptions and renewals do not qualify for the referral reward.  If a customer cancels their subscription and requests a refund within our refund period you will not be rewarded.

How are the referral bonuses paid out?
Payouts are distributed through PayPal. Therefore, be sure the email address you have listed as your payment email (under your affiliate dashboard "Settings") is the email you use for PayPal.

When are referral bonuses paid out?

Once a month.  All payouts occur at least 14 days after the purchase date.

What purchases count toward a reward?

The first purchase made by the person whom you referred (the person must be actually referred and can’t be an existing user).

Where can I get that referral link?

If you are an active subscriber to Casestacks, you can find your link here:

Where can I find information about my referrals?

If you are an active subscriber to Casestacks, you can find your referral stats at

Where can I find CaseStacks Terms & Conditions?


Where can I find CaseStacks Privacy and Cookie Policies?

Here: and here:

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