Our nine courses cover common and/or emergent diagnoses seen on radiology call.
All courses follow a similar format. First, review classic cases with "textbook" pathology.
Once you've mastered the basics, move on to practice cases with more challenging or subtle findings.

Neuro CT

Covering traumatic and non-traumatic brain, head and neck, and spine CT imaging
250 cases

Neuro MRI

Covering must-know brain and spine pathology seen on radiology call

146 cases

Peds Radiographs

Covering chest, abdomen, and musculoskeletal radiographs

372 cases

Abdominal Radiographs

Covering must-know emergent diagnoses that can be made on radiographs

43 cases


Covering OB/GYN, GI/GU, and more

75 cases

MSK Radiographs

Covering key radiographic diagnoses organized by joint

281 cases

Chest Radiographs

Covering lung, pleural, and mediastinal pathology including key line and tube findings

97 cases

Chest CT

Covering traumatic and nontraumatic must-know diagnoses

84 cases

Body CT

Covering traumatic and non-traumatic upper and lower abdominal pain

127 cases

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