Learn & Practice Radiology

Nine courses and 1,400+ interactive cases covering "must-know" diagnoses.  Learn efficiently with sample reports, focused discussions and annotated images.

radiology cases practice
radiology cases practice

Practice is Key

Oftentimes the key to nailing a difficult radiology case is having seen a similar case before. Practice with over 1,400 carefully selected cases covering a comprehensive list of diagnoses.

Interactive Radiology Cases

Scroll, pan, window, and zoom

Cases are interactive, just like on a work PACS.  All you need is a modern browser, which means you can learn radiology at home or on the go.

radiology cases study

Efficient Learning

Carefully selected case sets

Master classic and atypical appearances of pathologies more efficiently than haphazardly reviewing cases at work.  Cases include sample reports, focused discussions, annotated images, and reputable references.

On-Call Radiology Resources

Helpful resources while on the clock

The Pediatric Normals by Age, Body CT Incidental Findings, and Neuro CT Mimics resources were specifically created to help on call. Select illustrations are accessible via the media index

radiology call reference

If CaseStacks existed when I was an R1 or R2, I absolutely would have paid for the service for a few months before starting call. It would’ve been invaluable for my confidence going into a challenging experience.

Ben White, MD

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Interactive Cases

Scroll, pan, window, and zoom just like you are on a work PAC station

Track Your Progress

Login to mark cases complete and track your progress

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cases are optimized for efficiency with extensive keyboard shortcuts

Example Case Reports

Each case includes a brief example report to help you with wording

Saved Cases

Login and click the star on case pages to save cases

Call Simulator

Shuffle cases from our courses and submit your own prelim report

Program Director Dashboard INSTITUTIONS

Program directors can monitor resident progress

Annotated Images

Learn efficiently with annotated imaging findings and illustrations

Quality References

Every case includes references selected for clarity and quality

Dark Mode

Toggle dark mode for easier viewing of cases in dim light


Program directors can assign courses and assessments

Radiology Trainees & Radiologists

Courses are designed for call preparation, but also useful for preparing for new rotations or refreshing your knowledge of topics outside your specialty.

An Ideal Resource For

Providers in Other Specialties
Courses cover "must-know" diagnoses pertinent to a variety of specialties, including: EM, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology, and neurosurgery.  

Medical Students
Our medical school curriculum and anatomy modules are ideal for medical students wanting to improve their imaging interpretation prior to rotations, internship, or residency.

Additional Resources

Peds Normals by Age

Database of reference normal radiographs, CTs, and MRIs by child age from birth to age 16

Neuro CT Mimics

Visual reference of common pathology mimics on CT

Incidental CT Findings Guidelines

Quick reference to recent consensus guidelines for managing incidental findings found on CT imaging of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis

Medical School Anatomy Modules

Labeled radiographs and scrollable CT/MRI series teaching radiologic anatomy in a level of detail appropriate for medical students

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